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How to onboard your users successfully

successfully onboarded
Summary of book “Intercom on Onboarding”

“We’ve discovered the only proper way to onboard people is to understand where they are, what capabilities they have, where they want to get to, and then use a combination of interface, communication, tooltips, nudges, and messages to ensure they’re never stuck on the path to achieving their outcome. That’s what successful onboarding looks like – unifying a successful business outcome and a successful customer one.” Des Traynor, Cofounder, Intercom

Start with a story

The first task is to understand your user’s journey to success. This journey is rich in emotions and stories that will expose what your customers truly care about, what help you can provide and when you can help them.

Likely, you need to talk to those who have just become highly engaged users, e.g. when they’ve started paying or some other equivalent metric for your business.

In executing these interviews, you’ll want to accomplish the following:

  • Understand their motivations and frustrations before they chose you. This gives you a basis for your future marketing content and channels.
  • Understand what is their definition of “success” with your product. In the Valley, this is often referred to as the “magic moment”. This is the eureka moment when they realise your purpose and how you solve their need
  • Recount the steps from decision to use you until the point of success, e.g. signup to first email campaign created
  • Be specific in your questions to draw out emotions and specific actionable information “Which part was hardest?” vs “Was it easy?”
  • Who else did they need to adopt successfully, e.g. budget holders. You’ll want to be able to empower tech people with data to convince the budget holders. Or you may need materials to help a business person convince dev teams an integration is easy

Here’s an example email to use to solicit time from your users

Hello [name],

My name is Moses and I’m trying to make our setup process better. I’d love your personal take on it.

Could we schedule a 20-30 min chat in the next couple of days?



Actionable takeaways

  • In-depth interviews with all fully integrated users
  • Make credible PDFs to allow folks to fight your case, e.g. tech team to bring to budget holders

Design an onboarding path

Based on your starting points and “success” endpoints, create an onboarding experience that makes sense to a user trying to complete a “job”:

  1. Free trial is your opportunity to sell
  2. Before they’re signed up:
    • Webinars, 1:1s, Docs, How to videos, Best practice blog posts,
    • Get customers to tell their stories of success with Intercom,
  3. After they’re signed up:
    • Data driven onboarding messaging schedule
    • Trigger updates for pro users who aren’t using all the features
    • Every customer support should have two tags 1) product area and 2) type of convo, e.g. confusion, bug, feature request

1. Doing a trial

Successful trial should have people going up to the right. People that are going to churn have a very predictable path downwards. The danger zone is before they’ve failed and realize you’ve charged them. That’s too late, you got to get them in the middle.
[Action: build per user usage (txn count and volume)]


To achieve a successful trial:

  • Understand “success” outcomes
  • Ensure you have targeted docs, tutorials and case studies to help them succeed
  • Each definition of success should have a corresponding action you expect to be complete by Day 3 and Day 7, e.g. has not messaged a user but signed up


2. Hacks for before they’re signed up

Social login

  • 1 click signup which reduces friction
  • Increases monthly authenticated users / monthly unqiue users
  • Facebook is most popular preference for C2C, Google for business

Social login preferences

Contextual tutorial

  • The more they complete these actions, the more likely they are to self trigger into a retained user
  • For example, Pinterest waits till you click on the picture to kick off the tutorial

Clear path to completion

  • Less likely to abandon if people know how long is left
  • For example, these could be steps, progress bar and checklists

Early value for the user

  • Focus on the job they want to complete
  • Twitter’s KPI on 20 users, so help you follow 20 people with 1 click

Progressive profiling

  • As for “just enough” information, e.g. LinkedIn asks you over time with “Strength rating”

Connect teams

  • Slack lets new team members join without additional permissions if you’ve verified with company email
  • If group is required to onboard then provide method to skip parts a user can’t do (e.g. business person can’t do javascript snippet). Let them skip to the part they can accomplish. Then provide invites to those who can unblock integration.

connect teams

3. Hacks for after they’ve signed up

Onboarding new features

  • Bring on new features In the right context, i.e. when they’re feeling the pain or are in the right part of the site

new features

  • Use educational content as your empty state, e.g. Trello provides welcome board with pre-made To Do cards which provide an explanation
  • Anticipate questions – give information in hints when they need it.

“One of the best ways to do this is to center information around the intent of the customer. For example, when a customer creates a new campaign, by clicking on the create button they’ve shown intent. With new users interested, now is a good time to start sharing more advanced information like best practice guides. This type of careful consideration really does drive engagement.”


How to make your online transactions safe

How to make your online transactions safe


According to a global study by B2B International in 2013, 98% of Internet users manage their bank accounts via the Internet or make purchases online.  As this inevitable march of progress occurs, the allure increases for cyber criminals.

Unfortunately, I personally faced some troubles in banking in April. That pushed me to thoroughly study the issue to protect both myself and my website. In this post, I’m going to share with you the results of my research on how to ensure maximum security of transactions via the Internet.

The mind of a cyber-criminal

The word ‘cyber-criminal’ is normally associated with an offer from a Nigerian Prince promising you amazing things in return for your credit card details.  The ones we’re used to are slightly more sophisticated.  They employ different methods of social engineering, e.g. imitating a popular banking website, sending out emails on behalf of a bank or in some worst cases, visiting you in the form of police offers.  Other nefarious methods involve intercepting Wifi data or using Trojan viruses to capture sensitive data from your device.

3 basic rules to keep you safe

1: Check authenticity of websites

28% of users do not check the authenticity of a website when entering confidential information and 34% connect to public WiFi without any protection on a smartphone or tablet.

httpsYou can be part of the intelligent majority that checks that your connection is through https:// (it looks like this image) and has a valid SSL certificate (accessible by right-clicking on the lock icon and examining the certificate). This ensures that there is a secure connection and forces you to look at the domain in which you are entering confidential information.

If you pay with Xendit, you’ll always notice the lock icon in your browser which tells you there is a secure connection and you can examine the lock to find their certificate from one of the most common SSL certifying bodies on the internet.

2: Use complex passwords

“QWERTY123″ is not the best password for an account that deals with tens of thousands of dollars. In addition, your password shouldn’t be somehow linked to your personality; for example you should avoid choosing you dog or Mother’s maiden name as a password. The password must contain complex alphanumeric combinations written in different registers (e.g. Zay92x).

Another piece of bad news is that you should use different passwords for different resources. If you do not trust your memory, I recommend using one of the numerous password managers available online (in this case, you only need to remember one password, while the rest will be generated by the system).

If you pay with Xendit, you should use a password that is difficult to guess. Depending on what device you’re paying with, they have additional log in options such as 2FA, finger print validation and a PIN number.

3: Regularly update your software, including anti-virus protection

You should always use anti-virus software, with the function of secure payment. Cyberhawks has already created about 200,000 programs to steal your money on the Internet. The newer the protection software – the greater the chance it detects the breaking.

Xendit uses various security tools to keep their servers secure, including use of the latest in anti-virus and cyber security measures, that also protect the biggest names in tech.


This was a guest post by Lucy Adams

Lucy Adams is an essay writer from http://buzzessay.com/. She’s a generalist ready to cover almost any topic related to business, marketing, and sales. Feel free to contact Lucy with your suggestions and get a quick response.

How To

Cara join & bermain Arisan


Anda bisa baca disini bagaimana cara bergabung dan bermain Arisan di Xendit, disimak ya :)

1    Masuk ke menu shopping dan pilih Arisan


Pilih Arisan mana yang ingin anda ikuti lalu klik jenis arisan tersebut

3Anda dapat melihat secara detil mengenai arisan yang anda inginkan lalu klik tombol Take part untuk mulai mengikuti arisan tersebut.

4Setelah itu anda diharuskan mencentang syarat & kondisi yang berlaku dan klik tombol Confirm arisan untuk mengkonfirmasi arisan yang akan anda ikuti.

5Arisan tersebut telah anda ikuti. Silahkan lakukan pembayaran secara tertatur. Semua orang bisa menang di Arisan Xendit

6Masuk ke menu My Arisan dan anda bisa melihat arisan apa saja yang sedang anda ikuti. Anda dapat membayar arisan melalui halaman ini denga klik tombol Pay.


7Untuk melakukan pengocokan arisan, silahkan untuk klik tombol Kocok Arisan.

8Gambar ini menunjukan bahwa arisan anda sedang di kocok.

9Setelah anda dinyatakan menang, anda dapat klik tombol Redeem untuk mengklaim hadiah anda. Perlu diingat bahwa biaya pengiriman hadiah akan dibebankan kepada anda.

Ayok ikut Arisan, periodenya cepat, mudah, aman, hadiahnya menarik dan mainnya rame-rame se-Indonesia, seru!

About Xendit

Announcing better deposits, send to favourites, and faster sign up


We’ve been hard at work bringing exciting new features to our iOS and Android apps every week since we launched them in January this year. Here’s a quick round-up of our latest improvements:


Better deposit experience: Based on feedback from customers, we’ve made it easier to successfully deposit to your Xendit account. Remember that Xendit will always refund the fee your bank charges you when you transfer money to your Xendit account (this means you’ll always send less money than the desired deposit amount).


We’ve also built a snappy ‘How Deposits Work’ feature to show you how deposits work:

Deposit tutorial


Easier to send to favourites: Do you find that you’re always sending money to the same people? Xendit now suggests recipients to you, instead of you having to type their name in. The best part – there’s no need to manually create a ‘Favourites’ list, the app automatically recognizes who you’ve sent money to recently!

Send to Recent


Faster sign up: We’ve focused on improving our sign-up process, so that it’s faster than ever to create a Xendit account. Just sign up with Facebook, and all you’ll need to do enter your phone number and choose a password. That’s it!


We’ve also squashed a ton of bugs that our customers reported to us. Thanks for the feedback, guys! Together, we’re building a better way to send and receive money.

Download or update the app now to test out our new features!

Xendit and Its Southeast Asian Ambit
About Xendit

Xendit and Its Southeast Asian Ambit

Post taken from Onwards.com

Have you ever encountered a situation where you want to split a bill with your friends and are faced with the dreaded reality of not having enough cash? You’ve probably had to withdraw some cash from the ATM so you could pay your friends back. Well, don’t fret because Xendit brings a new solution to this problem.

With Xendit you pretty much have your money stored in your virtual wallet, and by having the app on your phone, you can simply pay your friends in four clicks. It works as simple as it sounds too. Users can easily transfer money from their bank account to their Xendit account, so it’s useful for little purchases and you don’t have to bring cash with you. From there on, users can either send or request friends to pay back through Xendit. Not only that, you can also withdraw your money from your Xendit account using your Indonesian bank account, from which funds will be transferred within one day, so it’s still convenient and offers easy access.

Ever since its launch date last year, more than a hundred thousand people have signed up on Xendit, and as an app that is “very customer-centric,” Xendit is growing bigger and bigger. Since Xendit is stepping ahead of the game with services similar to Paypal and Venmo, which don’t offer peer-to-peer payments in Indonesia, Xendit’s Chief Growth Officer, Casey Lord, reveals the company’s plan in partnering with well-known companies and arranging “expansion plans for leading universities in Indonesia.”

As someone who had done three internships over her career, Casey has gained experience in microfinancing in rural India and in product management when she was interning for PayPal. The native Londoner, who earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the University of York and an MBA from University of California, Berkeley, suggests that internships are “a great way to get into an industry that you have no experience in. Internships also provide an opportunity to ‘feel out’ a company before you decide whether you want to work there permanently or somewhere else.”

This week, Casey informs that Xendit is partnering with Kairos Sharing Table to hold an event this Saturday, February 13, where university students can compete to become the next interns for three major growing startups in Indonesia, including Xendit itself, who joined the event as Casey liked Kairos’ mission.

Xendit is looking for candidates who are intelligent, independent with a great sense of humor, great work ethics and someone who has the propensity to think outside the box. Xendit invites those who meet these criterias and personal traits to learn from the successful startup that is “driving the cashless economy in Indonesia.” Xendit’s humble, hard-working, and fun office atmosphere, coupled with its “low-ego team of entrepreneurs who work tirelessly to build new products that customers love” translates into a customer-centric working experience, where every member of the team has direct contact with customers on  a daily basis. “It will also be a great learning opportunity and a bunch of fun,” Casey said.  “We’re a close-knit team who spend a lot of time together, from the office to the futsal pitch.”

As one who contributes to Xendit’s growth and success, Casey advises young aspiring techpreneurs in Indonesia is to learn about the “Lean Startup” movement started by Steve Blank, an approach that relies on validated learning, scientific experimentation, and iterative product releases to shorten product development cycles, measure progress, and gain valuable customer feedback. In addition, she also suggests that techpreneurs get a good mentor and be persistent to achieve success.

Xendit will participate in the Kairos Sharing Table, hosted by the Kairos Society, this Saturday 13th February. The event will be held at GEPI.

Originally posted by Onwards. Read the full article here: http://www.onwards.com/post/286/xendit-and-its-southeast-asian-ambit

Announcing a special promotion for BINUS students

Announcing a special promotion for BINUS students

Xendit is excited to announce a special promotion, just for BINUS students. Every time a BINUS student registers their student ID and links their Facebook account, they’ll unlock access to our secret promo… their referral code bonus will magically increase from Rp. 1.000 to Rp. 30.000! The promo is available for all current and alumni Binusians.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download Xendit from the PlayStore/AppStore
  2. Sign up with Facebook
  3. Verify your phone number, email address and BINUS ID
  4. Invite your friends to sign up with your invite code
  5. When your friends verify their BINUS ID and Facebook, you’ll both receive Rp. 30.000…. every time!

The offer won’t last forever, so share the love before it’s too late!



My app says I can only get Rp. 1.000 for inviting friends. How can I get Rp. 30.000?

You need to verify your BINUS student ID and link your Facebook account to unlock access to the higher rewards.

My friends have signed up using my invite code, but I’ve only received Rp. 1.000

You will receive Rp. 1.000 once your friends sign up for Xendit. To access the special promotion, the friends you invite must also verify their BINUS student ID and link their Facebook account. You’ll then receive an extra Rp. 29.000!

How do I link my Facebook account to my Xendit account?

Android users: go to Settings then Security.

iOD users: unfortunately, you cannot use Xendit’s iOS app to link your Facebook account (we’re busy building it…. It’ll be ready soon!). iOS users can borrow a friend’s Android device to link their Facebook account *after* they have signed up for Xendit using their iOS device.


If you’re not a student at BINUS but you’d like us to launch a promotion at your school, let us know. We’ll see what we can do! Email us at support@xendit.co

Xendit present an AMA with Justin Kan

Xendit present an AMA with Justin Kan

Xendit is excited to welcome Justin Kan, Y Combinator Partner and Founder of Twitch, to Indonesia.

Justin Kan is a serial entrepreneur and investor. Justin is the Founder of Twitch, the world’s leading video platform for gamers, with more than 100 million unique viewers every month. Twitch sold to Amazon in 2014 for $970m. Justin is currently a Partner at YCombinator, where he mentors early-stage startups. Y Combinator is the most successful and reputable incubator in the world, having created more than $65b in company value since 2005, including Airbnb and Dropbox.  

Justin is a regular contributor to TechCrunch. Justin broadcasted his entire life at Justin.tv which popularised the term “lifecasting“. 

Xendit will host Justin for an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, where he will share his entrepreneurial stories and answer questions from the audience.  This is a valuable chance to ask questions from someone who has *actually* built a brilliantly successful business.

He’ll be answering questions across:

  • Inception and ideation
  • Growth
  • YCombinator
  • Fundraising
  • Scaling a startup

Please submit your questions here: http://goo.gl/forms/BmCwGgN6d4

Door Prize

We will have 2 door prizes on the night.  You will need to download Xendit (available in Play or App store) and request 100.000 from 0812-8881-9734.  We will choose the lucky winners on the night.

You must register here to attend: xenditandjustinkan.eventbrite.com



Do I need to register in advance?

Yes – you need to register in advance to secure your spot. You can do so using the link above.  This event will likely sell out.

Can I be late?

You can try, but you probably won’t be allowed in.  Justin Kan is in big demand – this event will likely sell out.  Extra tickets will be given away first come, first served on the night.  Once we hit capacity, WE WILL NOT LET YOU IN.  We recommend you arrive 30 minutes early to get your seat. 

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Email your questions to support@xendit.co.  Put [AMA with JK] in the Subject line so we know why you’re reaching out to us.

5 Reasons Why Xendit is Better than your Banking App

5 Reasons Why Xendit is Better than your Banking App

We often get asked how Xendit is different from a mobile banking app. Both Xendit and m-banking apps can be used to send money to friends, family and online sellers. However, unlike your bank, Xendit will never charge you any fees, we’ll never ask you to share your bank account number, and we make it easy for you to request money when it’s someone else’s turn to pay.

Here are 5 reasons why Xendit is better than your m-banking app!

1. Xendit is available for everyone

Unlike all m-banking apps, Xendit is available for anyone with a bank account, regardless of what bank you use. This means that you can download Xendit and use it straight away, without needing to open a specific bank account. You can even connect multiple bank accounts (across different banks, of course!) to your Xendit account, so you can withdraw funds to whatever bank account is most convenient for you.

2. Phone number is all you need to make a payment

Bank account numbers are long and a pain to remember. On the other hand, phone numbers are easy because they are usually stored in your phone. Forget about that long, complicated procedure – once you know your friend’s phone number, you can send him/her some money through Xendit. It’s just as simple as that!

3. It’s free to send money between different banks

Transferring money between banks incurs a fee, if you use your m-banking app. We believe that sending small amounts of money to your friends should be free. Introducing Xendit: no charge fee, additional fee, hidden fee, or any other fees – it’s ABSOLUTELY FREE!

4. Need to request money from others? Let Xendit do it for you!

Xendit offers you a gentle way to request money from your friends. Simply go to ‘Requests’ in your Xendit app, type in your friend’s name and the amount they owe you, and tap ‘Submit’. You can even add a friendly note. Your friend will receive the request – even if they don’t have a Xendit account. Later, you can also check whether your friend has fulfilled your request.

5. Simple to use

A user-friendly app, Xendit is built to help you send and receive money within a few clicks. Unlike your m-banking app, we won’t make you use a physical token device, or make you remember multiple PINs and passwords (unless you ask us to!). We will show you how to use Xendit in the next few posts, so, stay tuned!

3 Ways to Celebrate Christmas with Xendit

3 Ways to Celebrate Christmas with Xendit

December is a special month. Not only does it mark the end of the year, it also hosts one of our favourite holidays: Christmas!

There are a lot of things you can do to make your Christmas more special this year. From meals, to games, to gifts, the best Christmas celebrations involve sharing with friends and family. Here are 3 things you can do with Xendit this Christmas:

1. Enjoy your Christmas dinner and split the dinner bill later with Xendit.

Everyone loves Christmas dinners with friends or co-workers, but no-one loves the hassle of splitting the bill. People don’t usually have the right amount of cash, and bank transfers come with the problem of needing to know the right bank account number. There will also be a fee if you transfer to a different bank. Xendit makes transferring between friends easy – all you need is your friend’s phone number. Transfer are instant and free!

2. Buying gifts from online shops? Pay sellers with Xendit.

Seen a great gift on Instagram? It is a favorite platform for a lot of online shops, and a great place to find Christmas gifts. Usually, you need to transfer money from your bank account to the seller – and then send manually payment confirmation – before your purchase is processed. Using Xendit makes the payment easier and faster: send money to any seller, and they’ll instantly know the money has come from you. How cool is that?

3. Don’t know what to buy as a gift? Try sending some money to your friend through Xendit!

Sometimes it’s hard to decide what gifts to buy. A nice gift doesn’t always have to be an item. Try sending money to your friends so that they can buy whatever they want! Sending them some money through Xendit without telling them directly will be a lovely surprise gift.

Who Is Xendit?

Who Is Xendit?

Our team has united around a goal of simplifying something that should be more painless and user-friendly  – giving money to friends and family!  With innovations in security, payment technologies, and devices, we think it’s a shame that consumers should have to resort to cash for all of their transactions. We also think that the current set of options for many consumers is just not good enough.

Some fun facts about our team:

  • We’re from IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, Paypal, BCG, SAP, Expedia and Ebay
  • The team’s coding skills are so intense that they shut down two different payments companies. So naturally, they are perfect for designing our own payments system
  • One person has also founded a successful tailored suit company
  • One of us lived in a rural Indian village for a year
  • Someone else is qualified to supervise a nuclear power plant
  • One member of the team is the first member of his family to go to university
  • One teammate used to drive a submarine. Seriously!
  • One person used to be a Social Impact Venture Capitalist
  • One person drinks at least one milk tea or boba tea every day

That’s Xendit!