We are proud to have release another FIRST in Indonesia.  Due to popular demand, we have built our Name Validation API: the ability to validate a bank account name across all Indonesian banks.  You feed us the bank account number and we respond with the name.

Our customers are using this to reduce the risk of sending to an incorrect bank account, fight fraud within their platforms and provide better end user experiences.  For example, a large eCommerce marketplace can use this with their merchants to make sure there are no errors in the merchants bank details before the funds are sent.

It’s free

Even better, we’re giving this away for free!

Here at Xendit we believe in progressing Indonesia.  We feel this tool has universal usage for all kinds of individuals, businesses and startups.

I’m convinced, let’s go

To use the Name Validation API:

  • Sign up for Xendit
  • Create your APIs and test they work
  • Contact us to go live

Docs: https://dashboard.xendit.co/docs/name-validator

API reference: https://xendit.github.io/apireference/#name-validator

The name validation API is another feature in response to our customer requests.  If we’re missing something you want, let us know and we can build it.

Moses Lo

I'm on a mission to make financial services better for our generation. I love good design/product and am a sucker for feedback. When not working I'm playing soccer or crossfitting. We're hiring across the board so please contact us at careers@xendit.co if you're keen!