At Xendit, we constantly build, improve, and test our products to provide the best customer experience and needs. We’ve been working hard to perfect one of our fastest growing product (Batch Disbursement) and we’re super excited to introduce you to the newest update!  All our features are requests from you so we hope it makes you smile.  

Easier Reporting

We heard a lot of pain from finance and operation teams around monthly reporting in multiple batches, collating hundreds and thousands of transactions. Our latest update allows users to filter and download multiple approved batches at once.

Download Report

Additional benefits:

  • You can now filter based on a range of date and the completed and check status
  • Instead of downloading reports one batch at a time, you can download all the batches you’ve just filtered as one file

Now you can do your weekly or monthly reporting faster and easier! 🙂


Line by Line Transaction Status

Transaction List

Today, you can check all your transactions in Dashboard without having to download each batch. By clicking on one of the approved batch, you can see a line by line detail of all of your transactions. You can now easily monitor every transaction status in each batch in real time, anytime, on any platform.


Top-up Confirmation

We will now notify you for every successful top up to your Xendit balance. No more wondering if your top up has already been detected by Xendit.
Topup Success


Detailed Transfer Receipt

We’re updating our fund transfer receipt email design and have added more information:

  • Date and Time Transferred
  • Transfer Status
  • Sender Information

Got any suggestions for the upcoming features? Let us know here!

Transfer Receipt

Bianca Hasiandra

Business Development at Xendit