As we’re growing super fast, we got tons of requests from people wanting to use Xendit but have zero knowledge about APIs. We want to make sure that everyone can easily use Xendit to receive payments instantly, so we came up with Xeninvoice.

Xeninvoice is an alternative for you to quickly create and send invoices directly from your Dashboard. Whether you’re an online shop owner, freelancer, or newly established business owner, you can now charge your customers within seconds and receive payments anywhere in the world.

Create and send invoice in two clicks

Create a simple invoice for your customer to pay anytime anywhere.  Start by clicking Create Invoice button on your Dashboard and fill all the required fields.

Four fields you need to fill:

  • External ID (where you can put any unique id you want)
  • Email of your customer
  • Amount that you want to charge
  • Description of product or service you’re selling

We give you the option to send your customers an email notification with the invoice link. Once you’re ready, just click create to get your invoice!

Email notification for your customers

We provide you with ready to use email template to notify your customers. We send three types of emails:  when invoice is sent, paid, and expired.

The other great things about Xeninvoice is that your customers doesn’t need to register to Xendit at all. They just need to go to the invoice link, pick payment method (either credit cards or virtual account / bank transfer) and pay according to the amount.

One dashboard to create and manage invoices

Monitor all invoice statuses in real time. You can filter all invoices based on the status and also based on the time. We have three types of invoice status: Unpaid, Paid, and Expired. Once your customers paid the invoice before the expiry time, invoice status will change from Unpaid to Paid. You can set expiry time to one hour, one day, or anytime you want.


Check out this video below for complete guide on how to use Xeninvoice.

Bianca Hasiandra

Business Development at Xendit