To push the simplification of payments, we’re very excited to announce our Partnership with Cybersource, a VISA company – one of the world’s largest providers of eCommerce payment management services. (We’re SUPER EXCITED)


VISA Cybersource with Xendit payments

What does this mean for Xendit and the payments experience?

This collaboration enables Xendit to be the first company in Asia Pacific to leverage Cybersource API. This enables all types of businesses to send and receive payments more conveniently and securely without having to bear the risk of storing customers’ sensitive data.

As a result, Xendit payment experience for end users has improved. The payment drop-off has been reduced, and Xendit card merchants’ transaction rates increased by 30%.

Whoa, that’s great! What’s more?

This also means that Xendit is leveraging Cybersource’s solution on fraud and processing management.  This leads to the ability to securely accept a broad range of payments (varied types of cards, brands, and countries across the world).

Furthermore, our merchant can enjoy a worldwide payment coverage with the power of fraud system used by VISA globally. And more importantly – they can do so without having to jump through hoops to get a world-class payment experience.

Our dear friend Chew Ann Wee (Senior Regional Director of SEA) from Cybersource explains it best;

“As eCommerce continues to boom in Southeast Asia, providing a seamless customer experience is of unparalleled importance. Merchants need to provide a faster, more secure payment experience to differentiate themselves from their competitors.”

“As customers engage with a brand across multiple channels, it is crucial for that brand to provide a superior and consistent experience. We are delighted to work with Xendit to ensure a seamless customer journey, end to end.”

Sweet! Does that mean Xendit supports Subscription business?

You took the words right out of my mouth! Yes, today Xendit can let companies with subscription models to automate payments for their customers. They are companies such as SaaS platforms, non-profits (donations), or premium content providers.

This enables credit or debit cards in all over the world to be supported in our platform. Going forward, any Asian subscription businesses can be built on top of Xendit’s rails.

To put it simple, businesses can charge your customer with credit or debit cards. Let them input their card details one time, and charge them periodically (monthly, weekly, you name it!)


Credit Card Payments

That’s epic. What leads you to this?

Hang on, let me grab our CEO real quick.

Moses: “At Xendit, our goal is to make payments simple and pleasant. We started our journey by providing businesses with the fastest way to disburse funds throughout the country, through the use of API. In automating the flow, we have enabled customers to quickly and efficiently scale their business. Now, our customers want more,”

“CyberSource’s payment processing and fraud management solutions helped us to offer a multitude of options to our customers. This gives them flexibility to build their desired user experience, while minimizing the number of systems and endpoints falling within the scope of PCI DSS compliance.”

*Mic Drop*

In summary, with this collaboration, Xendit can help businesses of all size to accept and send payments via cards processing from all over the world. The payments experience can be customized freely while at the same time securely processed via VISA’s payment and fraud system.

Companies can enjoy this robust yet simple solution without any diffiulties. Sign up now to enjoy the experience!

About Cybersource

CyberSource, a wholly owned subsidiary of Visa Inc., is the only integrated payment management platform built on secure Visa infrastructure, with the payment reach and fraud insights of a massive $358Bn global processing network. CyberSource and Authorize.Net payment management solutions help 475,000 large and small businesses grow sales, mitigate risk, and operate with greater agility. The company is headquartered in Foster City, California and maintains offices throughout the world, with regional headquarters in Singapore, Tokyo, Miami/Sao Paulo and Reading, U.K.

Ikhsan Rahardian

Head of Product at Xendit.