Brand New User Permissions

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When we first had users management in the Dashboard, we only provided four types of permissions: ability to view, can edit, approve, and manage users. Adhering to feedback, request, as well as increasing security, we’ve had a great pleasure releasing this.

New user permissions for a more secure Dashboard

Now, users have two new options to limit permissions: tech settings and withdrawals. Some important changes to highlight:

  • API keys, callback URLs, and other tech related settings is now limited to users with Tech settings permission.
  • Only users with Admin permission can manage bank account for withdrawals. This includes: adding and deleting bank account. However, Admin cannot execute withdrawals, as it is limited only to users with Withdraw permission.
  • One business account will always have at least one admin to manage users, which includes: add, edit, and delete users. Admin cannot edit or delete themselves, but they can edit or delete other admins.
  • View permission is no longer a default permission. We learned that some of our clients doesn’t want everyone has permission to view and download report. The reason is because some of the transactions contain confidential informations.

What happened to existing users?

For all existing users, we will set your permission according to the old settings. We will also enable both tech settings and withdraw permissions by default.

You can check out your Dashboard to learn more about the new user permissions.

We hope this changes can provide more flexibility for you to tailor permissions for your team. Should you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to chat! Cheers!


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